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We're building a simple rest API using Spring Web MVC. One of our handlers takes as a request parameter an int called ID.

public ModelMap getEntity(
    @PathVariable(value="id")final Integer id,
    HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException  {

I know that the request object has the request parameter values as strings (name1=value1&name2=22) and that the handler will magically receive an int when it has ID as its parameter.

"/requestEntity", id="5" -> getEntity(5);

Unfortunately, if we send the value "1 2 3" as input, we get as an argument the number 123. If we send "5;123" we get 5 as an argument.

"/requestEntity", id="1 2 3" -> getEntity(123); // WRONG -- we want to throw an error
"/requestEntity", id="5;123" -> getEntity(5);   // ALSO WRONG

As far as I can tell, Spring is doing some conversion to turn the string parameter values into the int argument that the handler needs. How can we implement our own argument converter?

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This looks like a similar problem to this question: Spring @MVC and @RequestParam validation. There are two answers/solutions that may work for you, I'd try this one first:

public void handleRequest( HttpServletRequest request ) {
    int page = ServletRequestUtils.getIntParameter(request, "page", 1);
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