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Before going to the exact problem, I would like to give you a clear outline on what I am working on.

Step 1 : create query in the database, check if it's working, then using jdbc connectivity display results using a JSP page.

The browser output displays as:

year-month name         total       
---------- ---------   ----------- 
2011/08    c               4 
2011/09    c               7 
2011/10    c               0 
2011/08    b               167 
2011/09    b               212 
2011/10    b               131 
2011/08    e               14 
2011/09    e               23 
2011/10    e               3 
2011/08    a               18 
2011/09    a               8 
2011/10    a               7 
2011/08    d               43 
2011/09    d               60 
2011/10    d               60 

Step 2 : to display the year-month as the heading column name. I used HashMap and got the result displayed as below

NAME         2011/08          2011/09        2011/10    TOTAL HOURS
a            18                8               7
b            167              212            131
c             4               7               0
d            43              60               60
e            14              23               3 

Coming to the problem...

Now in the total hours column, I want to sum each row value and display that in the total hours column. Where should I write the code and how should it be done in the JSP page?

More information will be given if necessary to solve the problem.. should i use iteration to sum the columns? or any other way?

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The best place to do that would be the Database. Use an aggregate query to sum the hours up, and display. – srkavin Dec 6 '11 at 0:24
Hi srkavin, Thanks for ur reply... even i wud feel that database is the best approach to do..but i do not have permission to edit the table...the query is complicated and its derived from three table using joins..can i have any other code placed in jsp page..... – sonu Dec 6 '11 at 0:29
It depends on how you write the table. When you write/publish contents of each row, sum up the hours of each month for the specific user, and write that value in the last column. – srkavin Dec 6 '11 at 0:33
I used Hashmaps<key,value> to make table display in the above format([year- month] as header..), now can i use hashmap to display the sum in the column by writing code in jsp...if so, how?? – sonu Dec 6 '11 at 0:40
Can you copy/paste the code-snippet (add to the question) that prints this table? – srkavin Dec 6 '11 at 0:48

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