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How would you go about sending a request with multiples values with the same key?

r = requests.post('http://www.httpbin.org/post', data={1: [2, 3]})
print r.content
  "form": {
    "1": "3"


Hmm, very odd. I tried echoing the post data using a simple Flask application and I'm getting:

[('1', u'2'), ('1', u'3')]

Is this just a shortcoming of httpbin.org?

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Try the Werkzeug MultiDict. It's the same structure used for this purpose in Flask applications.

import requests
from werkzeug.datastructures import MultiDict

data = MultiDict([('1', '2'), ('1', '3')])
r = requests.post('http://www.httpbin.org/post', data=data)


"form": {
  "1": [
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It turns out that requests was sending the POST data without a problem. It was an issue on the http://httpbin.org end that was causing form data to be flattened, and multiple values with the same key to be ignored.

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This looks almost like the same question as Multiple key/value pairs in HTTP POST where key is the same name except that you're using python rather than php or ruby. I suspect it's not going to be possible in python because of the way python dictionaries work. Something to try might be:

r = requests.post('http://www.httpbin.org/post', data={1: "2, 3"})
print r.content

but the server side will have to notice that the argument string contains a comma and split it.

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