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I've been setting up vim to us as my C/C++ IDE recently and have been really impressed with the c.vim plugin (found here). However, I'm working on a project that relies on a library that is not found in my system includes. When I compile manually, I just list this directory by passing g++ an include flag (e.g. g++ -I ~/lib/). Is there any way to set up c.vim to have this directory included when I use the "save and compile" ("\rc" by default) command?


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You might check the documentation hier: lug.fh-swf.de/vim/vim-doc/… It's done via the var/s mentioned there. –  alk Dec 6 '11 at 7:57

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I'd would just set $CXXFLAGS to -I~/lib, it's its job -- unless you are using the dumb makefile default configuration from mingw project, $CXXFLAGS will be recognized automagically, as long as your &makeprg still points to make and not directly to g++ or any other compiler (I don't know what c.vim does with this vim setting as I don't use it).

As I suspect you don't have any Makefile in your directory but just a monofile project, I'd prefer an extended modeline over project settings.

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