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How can one add a slider control object in Excel Interop using Visual Studio 2008? I don't even see a slider object in the Toolbox. I added a 'TrackBar', will that allow me to slide across a range of values to assign a value to a parameter? Is there a better object to use? Either way, how can I have two handles? (Have two sliders to give two three ranges for three paramters Ex: (-20000, -3)(-3, 3)(3, 20000)

UPDATE: I believe the TrackBar Class is the correct thing to use here but I do not see how to modify one to have 2 thumbs....

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You can't, there isn't an object like that in the tool bar, you can use two trackbars. You can create one, here is an excellent video on the subject

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I'll gladly echo that! Use two trackbars... – user1093284 Dec 16 '11 at 6:24
Thanks. I found someone who wrote a custom one and ended up using that. Unsure how he did it, but it is included in NodeXL, a template add-on to Excel. – WildBill Jan 3 '12 at 13:04
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Thanks. I found someone who wrote a custom one end ended up using that. It's a library included in NodeXL, a template add-on to Excel (oh, and it's free!)

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