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I have a link_to helper that I'd love to use Twitter's Bootstrap.js to provide a popover. I have the following code:

"access", :action => "login" %>

I need to add the following HTML attributes: data-placement="" and rel="".

How do I do this using link_to? I've tried different variations of this:

<%= link_to "Login", 'data-placement' => 'below', :controller => "access", :action => "login" %>

<%= link_to "Login", html_options = {'data-placement' => 'below'}, :controller => "access", :action => "login" %>

<%= link_to "Login", :data => {'placement' => 'below'}, :controller => "access", :action => "login" %>

All these do is append things to my URL so it becomes:


I'm sure I've done this before!


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Apparently when using this format, I needed to specify the controller and action in a hash.

<%= link_to "Login", {:controller => "access", :action => "login"}, 'data-placement' => 'below' %>
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<%= link_to "Login", {:controller => "access", :action => "login"}, :data => {'placement' => 'below'} %> –  eveevans Jan 4 '12 at 23:08

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