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I have one excel file with 2 sheets WorkSheet and ReviewSheet

WorkSheet data is as below

Employee Name       Project       Work Status      Date
-------------       -------       -----------      ----------
abc                 123           Holiday          01/12/2011
abc                 456           Sick             02/12/2011

ReviewSheet data is as Below

          01/12/2011     02/12/2011
          ----------     ----------
abc       123            456

Consider The above as sample data. I manage to do the VLOOKUP to link the Project name of WorkSheet to ReviewSheet. Any changes of Project name in WorkSheet will change the project name of the ReviewSheet.

I am now trying to change the cell's colour of Project name of ReviewSheet based on the work status of the WorkSheet. For example -> (WorkSheet) abc who work in project 123 is on holiday at 01/12/2011. This will change (ReviewSheet) the colour of the cell of project 123 at 01/12/2011 to yellow .

How can I do this? Thanks

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You can do it with conditional formatting (In 2003, Format --> Conditional Formatting...). Choose the "Formula Is" and use the same VLOOKUP formula as you used on your ReviewSheet, except that it should refer to the "Work status" column instead of the "Project" column of your WorkSheet.


Formula Is... =VLOOKUP({as described above})="Holiday"

and set Format... Patterns to yellow.

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