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What are the ways of monetization educational web-project?

Actually I consider just Google AdSense because it's not very disattractive for users. Can anybody tell me how much users per day do I need to earn $500 per month with AdSense (it would be enough to maintain and develop the project)?

Suggest any other ways of monetization such or related kind of sites.

About project: It's educational site about java (actually), with articles, video and audio lessons, verification of completed tasks and questions-flow (like StackOverflow, but questions about java or about client-side programming and it's very simple now).

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It's impossible to say how many users per day you will need to make $500 a month. You need to consider a couple of things:

  1. It depends on how much you are getting per click on each ad. Not all ads are priced the same. Viarga, for example will no doubt very low wheres as ads for more expensive items may net you more per click but have less pageviews.

  2. Users might not necessarily click on your ads. The percentage of clicks to visitors is always low.

To give you some idea, I run a hearing aid site and I get about 600 unique visitors a day and make roughly $400-$500 a month from adsense.

This may be a bit of a generalization but I'd say that tech/programmer visitors are less likely to click on adsense than non tech-savvy users so you might find it difficult to make money from adsense on a Java site IMO.

Once your site gains some traction in search engines and has some visitors you could think about approaching companies directly about buying advertising space on you pages. eBooks, webinars etc are also a good way to monetize but, again, I'm not sure that'd wash in the teach arena unless you present something new/better/different, which'll be hard.

Good luck!

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+1. LOL for Viagra. Of course, that does not show up with AdSense. Your figure of $500 for a 600 unique visitors per day site does not seem credible either. $50 is more likely. Unless you really run a website with unique information, so advertisers for hearing aids don't have too many options and you have a really high eCPM. Care to share the URL of the mentioned website with us? –  Milan Babuškov Jul 15 '09 at 7:30
@Milan: As Steve didn't include the URL in his post, I won't link it either but a quick Google search will take you there. It's actually a very good example of a blog/landing site for a niche topic and I can see why it has a higher-than-average conversion rate. –  wildcard Jul 25 '09 at 8:45
Thanks Wildcard, glad you liked the site! Call me paranoid but I didn't feel comfortable putting the URL on here. –  Steve Claridge Jul 25 '09 at 12:32
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You should find out whether your target audience would find advertising acceptible. If your site is designed to be used in schools then you might find that they'll be put off by the advertising as they fear for what might be put in front of their pupils.

It might be better to provide a two-tier system where the general functionality of the site is available to all, but you provide premium services for those who sign up and pay you some money.

Another alternative is to become a merchant for some other site. For example, linking through to Amazon for educational books/DVDs/software.

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Thank you for 2-tier idea. It would be nice possibility. My audience are students. I will also try to make my site main resource for students who learn java in my university. Can you tell me little more about linking to Amazon, how can I find this service to get more details? –  Roman May 8 '09 at 12:29
Amazon's affiliate scheme: affiliate-program.amazon.co.uk –  Steve Claridge May 8 '09 at 12:30
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There is no way to get rich, fast. If there were, we would all be rich, fast. I don't know about the current click rates (number of visits : number of clicks). Remember: You don't get money just by signing up, you get money when lots of people visit your site and click on the ads.

My last memory is that roughly 1 out of 1'000 visitors clicks on an ad. So to get get $500/month, you need to attract several million visitors per month (since you get only a few cents per click).

My advice: Get a job which pays for your hobby or find a patron to pay you for this kind of work.

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Click rates can be much higher than that for well-places and relevant ads. It really depends on the domain and the target audience. Some people are more willing to click than others. Your estimation of several million is way off. I think your comment of 'get a real job' is a bit unfair - many peopl make good incomes from their websites but it does take time and dedication and you are right, there's not get rich quick scheme that works. –  Steve Claridge May 8 '09 at 12:29
I doubt that many people can start their career from the income of a website. In my view, almost all people have a job and an additional income from a website. How many people on the planet can make a living with a website alone? 10? 100? 1000? It's certainly not millions, so chances that this doesn't work for person X are too big to say "do it, it works". So I don't try to be unfair, just realistic. –  Aaron Digulla May 9 '09 at 16:05
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I think with a Java site you might be limiting yourself and narrowing the CTR %.

What I mean is, where you've chosen a Niche for your site that is fairly Technology related, you can assume that anybody going to your site for resources for Java, are going to have a fairly good idea about computers, the web and sites like yours with Monetized content and adsense.

Don't get me wrong, I have a technology related Bitcoin website, that I started not to long ago, I get a few Adsense clicks a day. But even this is surprising.

With the audience being tech-minded, it means that most of them will be aware what your links are and will probably not click on them. They'd rather just google and or go straight to that site themselves.

I think you should be looking at other ways to Monetize your site, such as:

  • Surveys and Locked content(As long as your content is really worth it).
  • Videos - Tutorials or reviews on Java related products or contents.
    • (Have monetized shortened urls linking from your video)
  • Write eBooks of your own, fill the eBooks with Monetized links.
    • Make people complete surveys to download a copy of this book.
  • Add affiliate marketing to your site.
    • Sites like Amazon Associates are great, find Books and DVD's, find resources and software on sites like amazon, and link through to them off your site. You can gain quite a nice monthly amount by the referral bonus you get.
    • People seeing you using affiliate marketing may lead other companies to want you to display their products.

Eventually you may very well have enough of a following that the software you or others create might become on demand, through your site. You can sell it, or get others to complete offers or surveys simply to download your latest piece of software.

These are all just ideas, but I think you have to be realistic, with a tech related blog. Limited amount of the visitors will be naive enough to click through such obvious links.

Make it worth their while.

Best of luck with everything.

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