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Is there any standard for storing localized messages on client side (JavaScript/HTML)?

Suppose a site supports several languages and I would like to pass a file with all possible error messages to client, what format would be the best format and how would I read it?

Also what are pros and cons of resolving error message text from some id on client- instead of server-side?

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XML or JSON, most likely. You can store the data for several locales quite easily using the JSON format:

    'locale': 'fr-CA',
    'message': {
        'out-of-range': 'Entrez un nombre entre 0 et 99.'

for example, and parse that into a simple object using JSON.parse, falling back on eval. Then you can access them quite easily:

var message = currentLocale.message['out-of-range'];

It's up to you how to load these.

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