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Is there a way to run the echoprint-codegen on Android or is there a Java implementation for it?

Echoprint codegen on github:

There is a C++ implementation for it? I just cannot figure out how to port it to Java so that I can run it on an Android device, assuming Android 2.2 and up.

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Take a look at Alex Restrepo's port of Echoprint to Android. His blog posting with the technical details is here:

The complete code along with a sample Android application using it can be found here:

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Try this open source project by Jacquet Wong, it's written in Java and Android compatible.

It handles wave spectrogram, fingeprint and other audio features with FFT and other dsp algorithms.

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There are java libraries to deal with FFT / Audio which may already do what you need. Ropy van Rijn already did this, and got slap from Shazam patent holders.

See in detail:

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I will try to look here: and then here: and after that you have downloaded the java client, this: could be useful (sorry is italian code, but im sure you won't have problem)

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