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I have created a HTML page which uses Calibri font. Now this font is applied and seen on all Desktop Window browsers (IE/FF,etc), but I cannnot see the same on MAC Safari (& iPhone Safari).

So I wanted to know which are the default fonts available for Safari (MAC/iPhone) ?

Also any alternate font which comes closest to Calibri and available across browsers ?

Please suggest.

PS: I was thinking of Cufon JS, but that is secondary and it might make my file heavier.

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Safari does not come with any fonts. You see Calibri on your PC because Calibri comes with Office 2007 (and later) and Windows Vista (and later). –  BoltClock Dec 6 '11 at 4:23
So what is the alternate for Safari (closest to Calibri) ? –  testndtv Dec 6 '11 at 4:31

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Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents


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Hmm...Nice link...But could not find anything close to Calibri for MAC.. –  testndtv Dec 6 '11 at 6:06
Try the Arial bold style.Feels that its more close to Calibri –  nithin Dec 6 '11 at 6:36

Fonts are related to your OS.

Check out fonts available on Mac by going to directory /Library/Fonts You can check fonts installed for user /Users/username/Library/Fonts on Mac

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Ok...What alternate can I use for Safari i.e. closest to Calibri –  testndtv Dec 6 '11 at 4:32

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