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I have a regular and mobile theme for a site; there are currently a couple of duplicate functions in the template.php of each theme, which do some text munging on the same fields. That is, the markup is the same for these fields in both themes.

How can I impose DRY and only have the logic in one place?

I understand I could make the regular theme inherit the mobile theme, but this doesn't seem like a "proper" solution, since the themes are quite different at the end of the day. Even more so as this would require ex-post-facto manipulation of the preprocess functions, and overriding mobile CSS and JS files - seemingly creating as much work and future WTH as it solves.


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I would love to see the proper answer for this.

All i can think of is making a module that holds the duplication of functionality. A library module if you will.

So I'm making this "answer" as a conversation starter.

in: (mobile)template.php




You can have preprocess-functions in modules as well btw. But it might be nice to send witch template as an argument.(you could however extract this from the global $theme)

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+1 for moving common functionality to a module. If there are no other themes to be served, I would also second the suggestion of using 'real' preprocess-functions in the module, thus removing the need for the indirectin in the template.php files. And even if there are other themes to be served, the preprocess-function in the module could add the 'munged' values as separate variables, so that it would be up to the themes templates to use the version they need. –  Henrik Opel Dec 6 '11 at 11:50
A module makes theoretic sense, but it just seems ridiculous to go through the coding overhead of creating and maintaining a module just to hold helper functionality for manipulating output for two CCK fields for use in two themes - which is what I'm working with here. –  yitznewton Dec 6 '11 at 15:30
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How about you make a base theme which holds the functions, and implement both as sub-themes of it.

Or just the mobile theme a sub-theme, and the PC theme is the base?

Creating a sub-theme

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Hmm, an abstract parent theme. That's worth a look, I hadn't thought of that. But the idea of a straight mobile sub-theme, I refuted in the question; I believe it had to do with not wanting to call the non-mobile preprocess functions in mobile. –  yitznewton Apr 25 '12 at 17:15
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