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I'd like to add a Process button next to a uploaded file. When the user click the Process button, it triggers my module by passing the location of the attached file to a function/hook in my module to further process the file.

Is there an existing module I can use as an example? Or how can I start from scratch?

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I'd vouch for @CristobalWetzig's advice. I would have adviced the same thing. It sounds complex, but once you see the examples in for those hook implementations you will see that it's pretty trivial. – amateur barista Dec 6 '11 at 18:12

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There might be a module for that:

If you mean an already uploaded file to a node, and for an already uploaded file, and it should be handled on a buttonpress.


In your module: Create a hook_form_alter that takes the node edit form and add your process button with the help of the form-api.(adding a form element)

There you can access the file information since you have access to the node and send that to a menu callback created in a hook_menu that processes the file. (by passing it to your custom process function)


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