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I have a n-to-1 relation in MySQL tables.

Houses can have many owners.

I would like to list all owners for a house.

I have tried this:

SELECT id, name, address
      SELECT CONCAT(firstname)
      FROM owners
      WHERE houses_id = houses.id
    ) AS 'owner_firstname' 
FROM houses;

but i get this results

Error Code: 1242
Subquery returns more than 1 row

I would like to have result like this

100 | Liberty House | 200, NY Street | me, myself, Iren


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To address your error: you had a sub-query for your select that brought back multiple owners. The query needed to bring back one literal, in your case, the list of names. You can achieve this in MySQL using the GROUP_CONCAT() function to combine the names of owners for a particular house:

SELECT h.id, h.name, h.address, GROUP_CONCAT(o.firstname) AS owner_firstname
FROM houses AS h
INNER JOIN owners AS o ON h.id = o.houses_id
GROUP BY h.id, h.name, h.address
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I think you're looking for group_concat:

select id, name, address, 
      (select group_concat(firstname separator ', ') 
             from owners where houses_id = houses.id) as 'owner_firstname' 
from houses;
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that's exacly what i'm looking for! thanks a lot! –  neimad Dec 6 '11 at 5:31

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