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When does this $ sign come into the picture? It bothers me. What is its significance?

<asp:literal runat="server" text="<%$ Resources:MyResource, StringId %>" />

as seen in this thread:

Using an explicit localization expression for a page title?

Does this kind of .NET syntax have a name? I'm guessing it only works for a certain asp.net version (i.e. asp.net 3.5)? Much thanks.

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It means that what comes after the dollar is an expression, see this MSDN article. It works in .net 3 & 4

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The example you posted is documented here: ASP.NET Expressions Overview

It's used for expression binding, usually with localized string resources.

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The $ expression binding allow us to extract custom application settings, connection string and resource information from configuration and resource files respectively.

The $ expression is a code sequence that processes the expression and replaces it with a string value in the final HTML.

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