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I am editing a MYSQL database using phpMyAdmin. I want to turn this into an Oracle database. How can this be done?

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Use mysqldump to export your data from MySQL.

shell> mysqldump [options] db_name [tbl_name ...]

In the [options] you'll probably have to tell MySQL to export your database in a format that is recognizable by Oracle. You can to this with the --compatible=name option, where name can be oracle.

shell> mysqldump --compatible=oracle [options] db_name [tbl_name ...]

After this you import the data by executing the script (in the dump) in Oracle and hope there won't be any errors. Or use something like Oracle's Sql*Loader. (I don't have experience with that, however I've found an article that describes your scenario.)

(I've found a tutorial on using phpMyAdmin to do something similar. Maybe you're interested in it.)

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