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I'm using the following in my application:

base64.urlsafe_b64encode(str(random.getrandbits(20))).lower().replace('=', '')

Minus the aesthetic changes:


How do I go about finding out the likelihood of collision?

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There are 2^20 different possible random values. Thus, the probability of two given random values being equal is 1/(2^20), or about 1 in a million.

However, if you are creating multiple values, then due to the birthday paradox you will only need to generate about 2^10 or about one thousand different values to have a 50% chance of two of them being equal!

To avoid this, I would recommend at least 128-bits. This requires about 2^64 (~18 billion billion) values before having a 50% chance of collision. When encoded into base-64, this would be 22-characters long.

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It's the same likelihood of one random.getrandbits(20) colliding with another since the outer functions are deterministic.

If the output of random.getrandbits are in fact, random -- the chance of one colliding with another is 1/(2^20) or ... about 1 in a million

For n entries, the chance that an additional entry (entry n+1) collides is n/(2^20). So the probability grows linearly with the number of entries in the dictionary. At 1,048,576 entries, it is guaranteed that the next entry will collide.

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