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I have troubles with creating id field in hibernate. I want to list all sequences from mysql console. How?


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It really depends a lot of how you've set up your sequences, but if you're using auto-increment @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO), the following SQL will give you a list of tables & columns which use auto_increment:

select * from information_schema.columns where extra like '%auto_increment%';

If you just want a list of tables, use

select * from information_schema.tables where auto_increment is not null;
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In your package of Java entities (hibernate mappings), then do a search for the @ID annotation (assuming you are using annotations), and this will display your ID fields and the strategies employed to generate the ID (autogenerated, etc...).

For a comparison, you can also export the schema of your mysql database, and in a text editor, do a search for your auto_increment metadata.

But... what exactly is your problem with ID's ?

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