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Basically, I need to create a behavior that adds a table and a one-to-many relation to a relation. For example:

  columns: ~
     Recurrent: ~

Which would be the same as:

  columns: ~

    event_id: integer(4)
      local: event_id
      foreign: id
      foreignAlias: RecurrentDates

This is quite the same as what I18n template does, thought it doesn't generate files, whereas I need to have EventRecurrent and EventRecurrentTable classes generated.

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I think this is so complex, you wont find an answer here on Stack Overflow: you will need very deep understanding of how Doctrine works to achieve this.

Since you want to be able to to modify the tables, I think you're faster off by just defining the models in your model.

If this is not acceptable for your use case, I'd just dive into it: You'll need your own Doctrine_Template, probably is Doctrine_Template_I18n a good place to start. This Doctrine_Template_I18n in turn uses the Doctrine_I18n class which extends Doctrine_Record_Generator. If you look at the options of this generator, there's an option "generateFiles": setting this to true probably does what you want. But you'll need a lot of trial and error, probably :)

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I turned out not to be complex after all, eventually I took the Versinable behavior and modified it to my needs. I had a lot of trial and error (mostly with migrations) with generateFiles turned to true, btw. Finally, I figured I don't actually need the files, so I turned it off and everything worked out fine. – Dziamid Dec 8 '11 at 8:54
Hehe, okay. Great that it worked :) – Grad van Horck Dec 8 '11 at 9:29

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