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im running Hudson continuous integration for db unit.

when i run the job the console output is displaying the SUCCESS, but then why do the Parsed Console Output keep returning this error:

ERROR:Failed to parse console log :
log-parser plugin ERROR: Cannot parse log: Can't read parsing rules file:

i already installed the parse-log plugin & i already restarted the Hudson..

i installed the plugin using remote PC

any help and suggestion is appreciated. Thanks!

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1) Place the Parser Rule File in the JENKINS_HOME location. 2) Configure that log parser console output in the Global COnfiguration settings and Name it. 3) Add this option in the Post Build Actions and Select the Name

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ok silly me..

i forgot to configure the global configuration in hudson that link to the parser rule file..

problem solved.

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I'm posting this in case anyone else has a specific case of this problem. This issue started when upgrading from 1.509.2 to 1.554.3... I had the parsing rules file in the win\system folder which was a known issue when running Jenkins as a service. Well I guess they fixed it by this version. I moved the parsing rules back into Jenkins Home folder and it worked fine again.

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