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is there any tool, library that can analyze plsql code, like PMD/CheckStyle do for Java ?

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Quest's TOAD is a good tool for working with PL/SQL, but it is not free or lightweight. It provides formatting, color support in the editor for keywords, intellisense, and it will also provide analysis tools to rate the code's cyclomatic complexity, best practices, and more.

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I think that Oracle's SQL Developer might do the trick for you (it is free)

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See our CloneDR. This tool finds exact or near-miss duplicated code, regardless of reformatting or renaming of identifiers. Applied to a system of several hundred thousand lines of PLSQL code, it found about 15% redundant (e.g., removable) code.

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+1. That program is pretty awesome. – Jon Heller Sep 1 '11 at 2:43

For me, the best tool for that is PL/SQL Developer. Hands down. Only available for Windows though.

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VCG will locate security issues in PL/SQL, including potential data corruption, poor error handling and potential DoS, but does not deal with more general code quality issues:

PMD 5.1.0 distribution (11th February 2014) has been improved to support the PLSQL ast. You can create some rules to test against your standards/quality standards.

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Check out:

Tool for re-formatting SQL source with many configurable options. Free desktop version.

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