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Weird behavior and I'm just posting this question to see if anyone knows the reason for this or whether my code is just plain wrong:

string text = "~"; //yip, let's take some weird character
//all major browsers output "~"
//IE6 & 7: undefined
//works in all browsers

Now my question is: Is using a text as an array not supported in IE7, is the code wrong in general and is it OK to use .charAt(i) instead of string[i]?

PS: There is some guy who answered his own question regarding exactly this. My question remains: Where is this documented? Is this a regular IE "bug"?

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Accessing string array-like is not standard in ECMAScript 3:


Array-like character access (the second way above) is not part of ECMAScript 3. It is a JavaScript and ECMAScript 5 feature.

What you do is split the string:

var textChars = text.split('');
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Perfect! So IE did it correctly, all other browsers are just nice to me using strings as arrays. –  Dennis G Dec 6 '11 at 9:03

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