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So I have quite a dilemma. I have a code that reads a certain msg, for example:

m.content:sub(1,8) == 'Loot of ' then


01:50 Loot of a starving wolf: a dirty fur, a salad, 2 pancakes, 60 gold

Now I'm trying to make it insert into a table. The problem I have so far is that I can't make it count the type of string and compare it in the table to add its index.

For example:

t = {dirty fur="quantity of msgs that show this",insert a new msg="how many times haves appear}

What I have working so far is:

foreach newmessage m do
m.content:sub(1,8) == 'Loot of ' then

and then I'm just lost. I don't know how to create this table; it should be local, I believe, but the main problem I have with this is that I don't want to print it in pairs, I want to call the values from 1 to #table, in the order they were inserted. That's where my pain starts.

I want something like:

table msgs = {spear='100',something='2', ovni='123'}

so when I get this table (which I still can't make), I can call the same table for another function, that well I want to call table."xmsg" = quantity. I hope someone understands what I'm asking.

function loot()
foreach newmessage m do
        if m.type == MSG_INFO and m.content:sub(1,8) == 'Loot of ' then
        local content = (m.content:match('Loot of .-: (.+)')):token(nil,', ')
        for i,j in ipairs(content) do
       return content

return msgs of this function :

{"3 gold coins"}
{"3 gold coins"}
{"6 gold coins", "a hand axe"}
{"12 gold coins", "a hand axe"}
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Can you rewrite your example with real cases? It's difficult to know what you are talking about if you write "asdf". Then you mention "spear" and "ovni", but those don't appear previouwly. –  kikito Dec 6 '11 at 10:02
You may want to make a SSCCE to explain yourself better. –  Tom Brito Dec 6 '11 at 11:26

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01:50 Loot of a starving wolf: a dirty fur, a large melon, a cactus
02:20 Loot of a giant: a large melon, an axe
03:30 You are on fire! Not really, this is just a test message
04:00 Loot of a starving wolf: a dirty fur, a tooth, a bundle of hair
04:00 Loot of a starving wolf: a dirty fur, a tooth, an axe


for line in string.gmatch(TEST_LOG, "([^\n]+)\n") do
    local time, msg = string.match(line, "(%d%d:%d%d) (.+)$")
    if msg and msg:sub(1, 8) == "Loot of " then
        local enemy_name, contents = string.match(msg, "^Loot of a ([^:]+): (.+)$")
        local enemy_t = ENEMY_LOOT_COUNTS[enemy_name]
        if not enemy_t then
            enemy_t = {}
            ENEMY_LOOT_COUNTS[enemy_name] = enemy_t
        local items = {}
        for item_name in string.gmatch(contents, "an? ([^,]+)") do
            items[#items+1] = item_name
            enemy_t[item_name] = (enemy_t[item_name] or 0)+1
            LOOT_COUNTS[item_name] = (LOOT_COUNTS[item_name] or 0)+1
        -- you can handle other messages here if you want

for enemy_name, loot_counts in pairs(ENEMY_LOOT_COUNTS) do
    local s = "Enemy "..enemy_name.." dropped: "
    for item_name, item_count in pairs(loot_counts) do
        s = s..item_count.."x "..item_name..", "

    local s = "Overall: "
    for item_name, item_count in pairs(LOOT_COUNTS) do
        s = s..item_count.."x "..item_name..", "

I wanted to write a long answer to accompany this code, but I don't have the time right now, sorry. I'll do it later.

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i have that code that returns these strings, so theres no need to read the time or the creatures, now my problem its that i couldnt make it to work in the piece of code you gave me, so my question its how can i include your type of counter to count these messages {"3 gold coins"} {"3 gold coins"} {"nothing"} {"6 gold coins", "a hand axe"} {"12 gold coins", "a hand axe"} –  Wesker Dec 12 '11 at 5:10

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