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I was wondering if anyone happened to know how to delete a facebook test user. I've been perusing through this site for quite awhile now and haven't been able to uncover anything related besides a single unanswered post regarding deleting a facebook test user associated with 2+ apps. Facebook now offers a UI within their dev site which allows this functionality; however, I'm trying to perform the same operation through a C# script utilizing the Graph API and issuing the relevant HTTP commands. Tried monitoring the requests made through the UI using netmon/Fiddler but wasn't able to uncover anything useful. Help, any & all will be greatly appreciated.

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See - the section marked 'Deleting':
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Hey, thanks for the response. So I've tried issuing the above url straight from my browser, substituting the appropriate values of course, and I'm receiving a 400 Bad request error. (Example:…) – Soc Live Dec 7 '11 at 0:36
Is it a test user who was created via the API or the tool on the developer site? Does it work with the app access token instead of a user access token? (don't include your app access token here for security reasons!) – Igy Dec 7 '11 at 10:21

I was not able to get the TEST_USER_ACCESS_TOKEN to work. I did get the APP_ACCESS_TOKEN to work. Here is what worked for me.<TEST_USER_ID>?method=delete&access_token=<APP_ID>%7C<APP_ACCESS_TOKEN>
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