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I would like to implement a slideUp jQuery effect on linkButton click and then do postback on page. The effect takes 600ms to accomplish. The problem I confront with is that before jQuery effect finishes page already does postback, so the jQuery script stops somewhere halfway. Is there any way to delay postback other then doing a manual postback?

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It is possible to provide a function to slideup which will only execute when the sliding is done:

formDiv.slideUp('normal', function () {
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You can put the call to load/reload the page in the callback function of the slideUp animation.

Something like:

$("#myElement").click(function() {
    $("#otherElement").slideUp(600, function() {
        // $("#form").submit(); // or
        // window.location.assign("mypage.aspx");

If you could post your code I can show you in more detail.

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The probelem is that we don't want to use custom postback and I seek a way to delay standard postback. This is my LinkButton code: OnClientClick="var thisPage = new HomePage(); thisPage.slideUp(); " OnClick="TestLinkButton_Click">Test</asp:LinkButton> JS: function HomePage() { } HomePage.prototype.slideUp = function () { $(".welcome").slideUp(600).delay(2000); } I include the delay(2000) function only to show what behaviour I'd like to have. In this example execule the slideup and then doPostback. On the page I have a MultiView control and only want to switch between views. – lekso Dec 6 '11 at 10:27

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