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I have a site with an iframe. Booth, the site and the site in the iframe are checking $_SESSION["login"]. So if the Session gets expiered the user will be logged out.

Problem: When the user hangs around the site for some time and the session gets expiered the login-page will appear in the iframe. (for example he clicks a link with target="iframe") I want the login-page to appear in the parent.


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Have you considered using something other than an IFRAME to display your sub-content?… - Not sure, but I think loading your page into a DIV via AJAX will make it so some forms of redirect will redirect the whole page instead of just the sub-page, as the browser will (sort of) treat it all as one page. See also:… – Merlyn Morgan-Graham Dec 6 '11 at 9:54
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try this:

   if(self.location.href != top.location.href){
       top.location = '/login.php';
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If you can use Javascript, use top to access the top parent page, and for instance redirect it to the login page.

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If session expire time is not mandatory, why not set the session to not expire until the browser is closed?

<?php ini_set("session.gc_lifetime","0"); ?>

this setting sets that the session will not expire until the browser is closed. If you have access to php.ini you can set that to default

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Add a check to your login page wheter or not it is loaded inside the iframe, like so:

var isInIFrame = (window.location != window.parent.location) ? true : false;

If it evaluates to true, try reloading the page in the top window, like so:"/login.php"
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