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Is there a JSF 2.1 component which lets me conditionally render (or not render) all its content? Something like

<h:component rendered="#{user.loggedIn}">

...a bunch of jsf components and HTML code...
...even more HTML code...


I am using PrimeFaces 3M4 as this may influence your answer!

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If you set attribite layout="block", you will have a <div> tag

Otherwise, you have a <span> tag.

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That's it. A div is exactly what I need. – Kai Dec 6 '11 at 10:33

In general most of jsf components support the render attribute (never bumped in some that does not), container components like h:panelGrid or h:panelGroup supports the rendered attribute and if its set to false all its child will be hidden too

Same goes for the primefaces components ,and if not it probably a bug (i think there was an issue with tabview of primefaces)

Here's a link for primefaces user guide, you can find supported attributes of all primefaces components there User’s Guide for 3.0.M4

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Thanks for your additional information. I already know the very well structured and complete PF manual but could not figure out what the simpliest way to (not) render a block of elements is, respectively what component is the best to accomplish this. – Kai Dec 6 '11 at 10:37

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