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I have the following code which displays an icon and link in the xaxis label

        formatter: function() {
            return '<a href="'+ categoryLinks[this.value] +'">'+
                this.value +'</a> <img src="http://highcharts.com/demo/gfx/sun.png" />';

Complete jsfiddle here

Can a condition be added to the formatter to check a mysql table and if a table field exists display the icon only instead of the icon/category name?

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The formatter is a function like any other, its purpose is to return a string to display but how it does that is up to you, so yes, it could do a roundtrip to the database and query a specific field. That functionality is not built into highcharts though.

I updated the example to show the idea of calling out to a separate function: jsfiddle

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Thanks for the example fiddle –  Anagio Dec 6 '11 at 11:04

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