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I rewrite soap client file using Zend framework.

This is old method. it is working.

function getBassaService(){
    global $service;

        $service = new SoapClient("/test/php/bassa.wsdl", array(
        "soap_version"   => SOAP_1_2,
        "trace"      => 1,
        "exceptions" => 1,
        "location" => "http://".$h.":".$p));
    return $service;

function getAllDownloads(){
    global $service;
    $client = getService();
        $results = $client->__soapCall("list-all", array());
    }catch(SoapFault $e){

    return $result;

This is my new code. I use Zend_Soap_Client.

    const HOST = "";       
    const PORT = "8095";

    protected $_client; 

    public function __construct()
        $this->_client = new Zend_Soap_Client(APPLICATION_PATH ."/services/bassa.wsdl",
            "soap_version" => SOAP_1_2,
            "uri" => "http://". self::HOST .":". self::PORT

    public function getAllDownloads()
        $result = $this->_client->list-all();
        return $result;

My soap server has list-all method. I want soap call to that method. But following error has occurred. Because method name has hyphen.

Notice: Undefined property: Zend_Soap_Client::$list in /home/dinuka/workspace/testzend/application/services/SoapClient.php on line 57

Fatal error: Call to undefined function all() in /home/dinuka/workspace/testzend/application/services/SoapClient.php on line 57

How i fixed it. Please help me.

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strange. that's should work. it might be a a bug in ZF framework. maybe it's trying to convert the function name into a camel case function name with variables.

Try to use the magic function directly by calling:

$this->_client->__call('list-all', array('param1' => $param1))
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