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I have this interface and its implementation. Eclipse (Indigo Build id: 20110615-0604, jdk1.6.0_29 on Windows 7 Starter) does not complain in one project, but once I copied them to another project, it complains about "Name clash: The method setChildren(List) of type Node has the same erasure as setChildren(List) of type NodeInterface but does not override it".
The 2 projects are in the same workspace. I have tried reinstalling Eclipse with no avail. Is this an Eclipse issue or the code is fundamentally wrong ? How to remedy it ?

public interface NodeInterface {
    public List<? extends NodeInterface> getChildren();
    public void setChildren(List<? extends NodeInterface> children);

public class Node implements NodeInterface {

    private List<Node> children = new ArrayList<Node>();

    public List<? extends NodeInterface> getChildren() {
        return children;

    public void setChildren(List<? extends NodeInterface> children) {
        this.children = (List<Node>) children;

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It's because in that project you are in a Java version < 1.5. Generics were added in Java 1.5. To remedy: Right click on the project > Properties > Java Compiler > pick-up a version >= 1.5

That's what's happening if you are i.e. in java 1.4:

enter image description here

and when you switch to say Java 1.5 everything looks good:

enter image description here

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