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I want to query data in mysql. The problem is the column is datetime(dpost) and i will use a date in the where clause.

SELECT * FROM `uid1000_qposts` WHERE `dpost`="2011-12-06"

this query doesn't return any results. Is there any possible way I can query data using date against a datetime column?


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SELECT * FROM `uid1000_qposts` WHERE date(`dpost`) = '2011-12-06'
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worked like a charm thanks ^_^ –  Mahan Dec 6 '11 at 11:01

Try this:

SELECT * FROM `uid1000_qposts` WHERE DATE_FORMAT(dpost,'%Y-%m-%d')='2011-12-06'
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WHERE dpost between "2011-12-06 00:00:00" and "2011-12-06 23:59:59"

Another possibilities is using


but is not recommended,
as it won't make use on any index (even there is)

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SELECT * FROM `uid1000_qposts` WHERE date(`dpost`) = '2011-12-06'
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