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A WordPress site of a client was recently hacked due to a theme vulnerability and I am now in the process of cleaning up and fortifying. I found guncompress(base64_decoded code. When I decoded it I had more base64 in an array:

$GLOBALS['_1780441916_']=Array(base64_decode('' .'ZXJ' .'yb3Jfc' .'mVwb3J' .'0a' .'W5'.'n'),base64_decode('Y3VybF9pb' .'ml0'),base64_decode('c

How can I decode base64 in an array on my localhost?

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The same way you already did. Just decode each element in turn. –  Oded Dec 6 '11 at 10:58
I used a print_r to show the array. That way I was able to check it. No I will work on decoding the rest. Thanks for the input! –  rhand Dec 6 '11 at 11:33

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Try to using evalhook.so. You need:

  • PHP >= 5.2
  • php5-devel
  • PHP Zend Optimizer

download source from http://php-security.org/downloads/evalhook-0.1.tar.gz

then unpack and install it

tar xvfz evalhook-0.1.tar.gz
cd evalhook
sudo make install

and you can use it from console.

php -d extension=evalhook.so encoded_script.php

where encoded_script.php is your encoded script. every time it ask you

Do you want to allow execution? [y/N]

Type Y if your code after execution have some "base64_decode" in it. Then when you get something like that

$GLOBALS['_889997777_'] = Array(


$GLOBALS['_224568216_'][21]('Xr' . 'x8f7g=')

Just run after that var_export($GLOBALS['_889997777_']);die; and you get all functions name, than you can replace it. Here is link that can automate it http://pastebin.com/kBj4iqWh

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