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I grab FB friend's data for a logged in user.

//I get the current users details

    var html = "<ul>";
    var  manager_email;
    var  manager_name;
    var  manager_birthday;
    var  manager_fbuid;

          var accessToken = window.location.hash.substring(1);
          var email_url = ""+accessToken
           manager_email =
           manager_birthday = user.birthday;
           manager_name =;
           manager_fbuid =;
           html += "<li>" + manager_email + "</li>";
           html += "<li>" + manager_birthday + "</li>";
           html += "<li>" + manager_fbuid; + "</li>";
           html += "<li>" + manager_name; + "</li>";

//Then I loop through the friends list and put the info in a form on the page

          var pic_url = """/picture";
          html += "<form id='new_celebration' method='post' action='/celebrations' accept-charset='UTF-8'>";
          html += "<input type='hidden' id='name' value='" +"' name='celebration[name]' />"
          html += "<input type='hidden' id='fbuid' value='" +"'  name='celebration[fbuid]' />"
          html += "<input type='hidden' id='pic_url' value='"+pic_url +"'  name='celebration[fb_picture]' />"
          html += "<li>" + manager_email + "</li>";
          html += "<li>" + + "</li>";
          //could be undefined if user does not want to share this information
          if(fb.birthday != null){
            html += "<input type='hidden' id='birthday' value='"+fb.birthday +"'  name='celebration[birthday]' />"
            html += "<li>" + fb.birthday + "</li>"; 
          html += "<li><img src="+pic_url+" /></li>";       
          html += "<input class=button-mini-subtle' type='submit' value='select' alt='select' class='submit'>";    
          html += "</form>";


  <p id="userName"></p>
  <p class="facebookfeed"></p>

What I want to do is attach the manager_email, manager_name, manager_fbuid to the form data that is submitted.

How can I do this?

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Add hidden input fields with the desired values and they will be posted along with the form data. –  Didier Ghys Dec 6 '11 at 11:01
That was the key, to put the $.each in the getJson. Thanks davin! –  chell Dec 7 '11 at 2:45

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