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I'm having hard time understanding this problem: I'm using Restkit for iPhone sdk 5.0 and I'm doing the login in a class Session

NSString* url=[[[RKClient sharedClient]baseURL]stringByAppendingString:@"/users/sign_in"] ;

    RKRequest *request = [RKRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:url] delegate:delegato];

    request.queue = [RKClient sharedClient].requestQueue;
    request.authenticationType = RKRequestAuthenticationTypeHTTP;

    request.username =;
    request.password = utente.password;
    [request send];

delegato is my "master" Class where I called the login method.

Then I implemented the request:didLoadRespons where a wrote these lines:

if ([response isSuccessful])

    RKLogDebug(@"Login effettuato con successo %d", response.statusCode );

This always returns 200 as status code (always tried with correct e-mail and password), but when I get the recent questions from myWebServer/recent.json, I have an empty response (I also tried with an object loader which did the same) as it does when I'm not connected.

The log system printed me this string:

2011-12-06 11:58:20.480 APP[4364:fb03] D Sending asynchronous GET request to URL mysite/recent.json. 2011-12-06 11:58:20.484 APP[4364:fb03] T Prepared GET URLRequest ''. HTTP Headers: { "Content-Length" = 0; }. HTTP Body: . 2011-12-06 11:58:20.486 APP[4364:fb03] D Sent request from queue . Loading count = 2 of 5 2011-12-06 11:58:20.487 APP[4364:fb03] D Received response for request , removing from queue. (Now loading 1 of 5) 2011-12-06 11:58:20.622 APP[4364:fb03] D NSHTTPURLResponse Status Code: 406 2011-12-06 11:58:20.623 APP[4364:fb03] D Headers: { Age = 0; "Cache-Control" = "no-cache"; Connection = "keep-alive"; "Content-Length" = 1; "Content-Type" = "application/json; charset=utf-8"; Date = "Tue, 06 Dec 2011 10:58:20 GMT"; Server = "nginx/0.7.67"; Via = "1.1 varnish"; "X-Runtime" = "0.006494"; "X-Ua-Compatible" = "IE=Edge,chrome=1"; "X-Varnish" = 1786715586; } 2011-12-06 11:58:20.623 APP[4364:fb03] T Read response body:
2011-12-06 11:58:20.624 APP[4364:fb03] I Status Code: 406 2011-12-06 11:58:20.624 App[4364:fb03] I Body:
2011-12-06 11:58:20.625 APP[4364:fb03] Si è verificato un errore con il seguente codice 406 2011-12-06 11:58:20.625 APP[4364:fb03] D Received response for request , removing from queue. (Now loading 0 of 5)

What does this mean?

Thanks so much for the help.

the json is:

"text":"faccio prova di domanda",

And my mapping is like this:

RKObjectMapping* questMapping = [RKObjectMapping mappingForClass:[Question class]];
    [questMapping mapKeyPath:@"_id" toAttribute:@"idDomanda"];
    [questMapping mapKeyPath:@"text" toAttribute:@"titoloDomanda"];
    [questMapping mapKeyPath:@"detail" toAttribute:@"dettaglioDomanda"];
    //[questMapping mapKeyPath:@"user_id" toRelationship:@"identificativo" withMapping:userMapping];

    [questMapping mapKeyPath:@"created_at" toAttribute:@"dataCreazione"];
    [questMapping mapKeyPath:@"updated_at" toAttribute:@"aggiornataAlle"];

    [questMapping mapKeyPath:@"answers_count" toAttribute:@"numeroRisposte"];
    [questMapping mapKeyPath:@"topic_ids" toAttribute:@"topics"];
    [questMapping mapKeyPath:@"followed_by_user_ids" toAttribute:@"followers"];

    [objectManager.mappingProvider addObjectMapping:questMapping];

    [[RKObjectManager sharedManager].mappingProvider setSerializationMapping:questMapping forClass:[Question class]]; 

And my login cod is this:

[[RKClient sharedClient]];
    [[RKClient sharedClient] setUsername:self.password];

    [RKObjectManager sharedManager].client=[RKClient sharedClient];
    RKParams *params = [RKParams params];

    [params forParam:@"username"];
    [params setValue:self.password forParam:@"password"];

    [[RKClient sharedClient] setAuthenticationType:RKRequestAuthenticationTypeHTTP];
    [[RKClient sharedClient] post:@"/users/sign_in" params:params delegate:delegato];

Is this right?

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Sorry guys, i was wrong doing the GET request, i had to post it. But i can't make the login. What should i use: RKRequest or RKClient or RKObjectLoader? – Massimo Dec 6 '11 at 15:07
If you want to benefit from the object mapping features that restkit offers you should use [[RKObjectManager sharedManager] loadObjectsAtResourcePath: – mja Dec 6 '11 at 15:39
Well the point is not only how to do it but is also doing it, since actually i can't do it! i do le login i check the respons is succesfull but when, with the objectloader, i try to loda /blabla.json it doesn't work and it gaves me error 404. How can i fix this? – Massimo Dec 7 '11 at 0:53
i need to see your code. If you get 404 then the URL is wrong. – mja Dec 7 '11 at 9:16
Well apparently everything is fine but the login procedure! i do it fine with the objetManager post method but apparently the JSON that the server returns to me doesn't have a RootkeyPath so it tells me that he cant find a mapping for ther key ' '. It seams i have to modify the JSON the server sends me!...right? – Massimo Dec 8 '11 at 10:10

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You need to define the mapping using [[RKObjectManager sharedManager].mappingProvider addObjectMapping:mapping]; Further details are in the documentation and look up the "Mapping without KVC" part

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I did but it seems not working. If i do the same steps from a browser i works and the call /recent.json gave me all the recent questions. Plus the response to that request continue giving me the 200 status code! – Massimo Dec 13 '11 at 12:03
please post your json, mapping and the code you use to retrieve records. – mja Dec 13 '11 at 13:06

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