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How can we fetch the value of folders from below mentioned url:​

I've tried CGI object, %ENV variable and so many things, but still not been able to get it.

Please suggest..

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You can't, the browser interprets the fragment (#folders=1) without sending it to the server. So if​ is your script, then it will never see the #folders=1 part of the URL as the browser won't send it. If you need the fragment on the server then you'll have to change it to a CGI parameter:​

or embed it in the URL path, something like one of these:​​
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You can't, # is recognized by JavaScript only,
apache will ignore this, that's the reason it does not contains any value in ENV variable.

You can use JavaScript: window.location.hash to capture this hash value.

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Apache doesn't ignore #. Apache doesn't receive #. – Brad Gilbert Dec 6 '11 at 19:59

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