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Good day to all,

Can some one guide me in displaying a simple post from facebook application in webview in android application. When i post a message in FB, i need to show that message in my new feeds in emulator for android. I am able to post the message, But i need to display the posted message in the emulator screen. How can i do that. I have done with the facebook login screen, Authentication code. I am struck with displaying new feeds in native FB manner.

Any working example will be fine please send me the link.

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Please check this post: stackoverflow.com/a/12889271/513413 – Hesam Oct 15 '12 at 4:34
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This is a very good tutorial, and should answer your questions on this subject.

Facebook Integration


Here is an excellent facebook API. I use it for many projects. Works incredibly well!

Easy Facebook

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I have already registered with android and i have my app id. when i download the andriod sdk for facebook, I don find the layout(xml) code in facebook folder(Git). Secondly i am unable to add project references in file -> properties-> Add , I don get my source application. Where am i doing wrong. I know i have missed something, But not sure what is that. Please guide me. – user1083389 Dec 6 '11 at 11:51
Check me edit above – coder_For_Life22 Dec 6 '11 at 11:57
i don understand how to work with the downloaded files. Do i need to copy the facebook folder to my application. Will that serve as a library file. – user1083389 Dec 6 '11 at 12:54
It should serve as a library. There is a beginners tutorial on the website above with Easy Facebook API. Works very well. Or download some of the examples they give. – coder_For_Life22 Dec 6 '11 at 14:08
Thanks a ton friend. Let me go thru the code and shall tell u if i have any doubt. – user1083389 Dec 7 '11 at 5:22

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