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I have some javascript/jquery code in PHP:

echo "<a href='#' onClick=\"\$('#$theframe').attr('src','http://google.com';\">
<span class='lin'>$titlehere</span></a>";

When clicked, I want it to update the iframe on the page with id='theframe' to something else (like google here) and without refreshing the page.

It's not working. Any ideas?

EDIT: For future reference, here is what I've used.

<a href="foo.html" target="myiframe">Foo</a>
<iframe name="myiframe"></iframe>

From: Basic jQuery question: How to change iframe src by clicking a link?

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Give the frame a name, then use the target attribute, forget JS.

<a href="http://example.net/" target="myFrame">Example</a>

<iframe name="myFrame" src="http://example.com/">
    Alternative content for non-frame systems
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create a new div and set its "innerHTML" value by each click. The innerHTML value then contains a new iframe with its source.

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you need to prevent the link's default behaviour with event.preventDefault(). I'd also split html and javascript:


echo "<a href='#' id='someID'><span class='lin'>$titlehere</span></a>";


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