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I'm just new to Jenkins and I'm trying to follow this:

but when I try to execute (just using "$ phing") the file "build.xml" it says:

name-of-project > lint:

Execution of target "lint" failed for the following reason: /home/me/ code/myfirm/build.xml:42:32: Could not create task/type: 'apply'. Make sure that this class has been declared using taskdef / typedef.

Any idea?


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The build.xml provided on is meant to be executed as an ant job. ant and phing has a compatible xml structure(at least for the main parts, like project, task, etc.), but they not 100% compatible with each other. it seems that there is no apply task in phing, so I will use ant.

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This is true - however if you do want to use Phing you can use the PhpLintTask rather than calling the executable directly. – John C May 17 '12 at 7:00

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