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I am working on mvc2 and i'm trying to open from javascript in a new window something. if i only use inside the js function window.open("action/action/"+param) like this


it works perfectly and the browser does not warn me that it is a new popup that i'm opening. But if i make an ajax call before the window.open, the browser tells me that is a new popup and if i accept it.

if (json.data && json.data.URL)
      window.open("action/action/"+param);//opens in a new window only if i accept popups 

how can i make it work without the browser considering it as popup?

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Maybe a duplicate. stackoverflow.com/questions/5810641/… –  dknaack Dec 6 '11 at 12:33

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You can't popup a window "randomly" it needs to be right after the user has clicked something or did an action so that the browser doesn't think it's a random ad popup.

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The window has to open as a direct result of the user's input. For example, you could open a new window inside a click handler. It's not full proof by any means, but it's one measure the browser can take to try and prevent unwanted popups.

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