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I am trying to make a add as friend botton on my website. And that I have made without any problem. Just by doing this:<a href=" PROFIL USERNAMEn&app_id=MY APP ID&redirect_uri=http://localhost/cpedersen/wordpress" target="_blank">Bliv ven med mig</a>

But it is only opening a new website where I can click add friend.

What I want is it to do, is to check when the user click connect, then check if we are friend, if we are then change the connect botton to a like box, otherwise it will ask the user to become "add friend" and then change to like box.

I know it is posible but not how..

I have seen this work on in the sidebar.

Hopes someone can help me :)

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You won't be able to do this without the user's user id - which you won't be able to get unless they grant permission to your app. Once they've done that you can check easily if the user is a friend of yours by checking your/their friends list - but you won't be able to see this without having them authorise your app

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I am award of that. I have also tried to play around with FQL for a while now, but no luck. I know I shall use something like this: SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me() But what i can't figrud out is how to make the connect and ask for permission for after check if friend and then change to like box if we are. – cpedersen Dec 6 '11 at 22:32

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