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As far as I understand if I click canCreateInstance, then for each request that comes to the service, there is created a new thread and that request is executed immediately.

If canCreateInstance is disabled, then the requests will be put in a queue and they will be processed one at a time.

Is this correct? I am implementing a queue with canCreateInstance disabled. Do you know anything against something like this? How Can I start the service with canCreateInstance disabled

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Are you just asking for the difference between a singleton and per-request workflows? See this post – SliverNinja Dec 6 '11 at 16:42

Given a WorkflowServiceHost receives a message matching the contract and operation name for the initial receive activity

If CanCreateInstance is true then WorkflowServiceHost will create a new instance of the workflow and deliver the message to the receive activity.

If CanCreateInstance is false then the WorkflowServiceHost will throw an exception

There is no context attached to the incoming message for the service and the current operation is not marked with "CanCreateInstance = true". In order to communicate with this service check whether the incoming binding supports the context protocol and has a valid context initialized.

The first receive activity in the workflow should always have CanCreateInstance = true otherwise the workflow cannot activate.

The reason this property exists is so we can have one Receive activity that works for both activating receives and continuing receives.

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How do i add a WorkflowServiceHost to the WF service? – Kasun Koswattha Feb 25 at 19:34

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