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If I have two tables:

    aid | position | name
     1      1        best game
     2      2        reached 100 points
     3      3        reached 300 points
     1000   800      logged_3_days_in_a_row

    uid | name
     1    Niki
     2    Lulu33
     3    BadGirl
     1001 Zelda2012

What is the best way to make a relation between the awards table and the users? Of course I could create a user_has_awards table but I'm not sure if that's the best way (if there are 1000 or more awards and 1000 users) to do this.

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It depends on what type of relationship you want to establish. From your question I think you mean a many-to-many relationship (i.e. the same award can be given to many users and a user can have many awards). The best way to model this is indeed a third table which manages the relations between users and their awards.

See for instance this site explaining the design pattern:

PS. you should start accepting some of the answers to your questions to encourage people to answer your questions.

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.. and adding foreign keys to it will improve performance and data integrity – konsolenfreddy Dec 6 '11 at 13:33

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