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I have this code:

@Column(name = "foo")
private Date foo;

public static class transformer implements AttributeTransformer {

    public void initialize(AbstractTransformationMapping atm) {


    public Object buildAttributeValue(Record record, Object o, Session sn) {



My question is, how do I get the value to transform (from column foo) inside of buildAttributeVaule? It is not inside the record array.

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You need one or more @WriteTransformer to write the fields you want selected (and thus get them selected), @Column is not used with a transformation mapping.

However, if you just have a single column, then just use a converter instead, @Convert,


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First check that the SQL generated is reading in the "foo" column by turning on logging. If it is, then check that the database is returning "foo" and not "FOO" - java is case sensitive on string looksups. It could be that "FOO" is in the record instead of "foo".

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Thanks for this, it appears to not be asking for the field in the select query it generates. I think it's because I do not specify a Temporal annotation for the date field. When I do, I receive an error (some dates in the database are invalid, thus why i'm using a transformer). It looks like I was mistaken to use transformer this way? Is there a solution which doesn't involve storing the invalid date in another (read-only) field (e.g. a string) for conversion? e.g. transform the value before it is validated? – user1083646 Dec 6 '11 at 20:10

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