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I am learning Joomla. I have installed 1.7 and I don't understand how to store the data in the database.

I was going through this link and then I realized that this is for 1.5 as 1.7 doesn't has (prefix)_components in Joomla database.

How do I do this with 1.7? I need to store and fetch the data from the database. I can construct queries for this, but don't understand where I insert my queries.

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I just want to know that where i can write my queries to get the result. Please somebody help me in this :( –  user1083644 Dec 6 '11 at 15:43

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Your best bet is to start with the Joomla Developer Documentation here

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First of all you need to know the MVC architecture of joomla.Then,try to create simple component for joomla by reading the following link


This link also some what useful for you


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