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What's the best way to tell my application that the file has been modified and that it should ask the user for a filename? Is there a class for that or do I write that all that logic by hand?


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You'll need to handle that logic by hand. It's not too difficult if you've got a decent application architecture working for you. Just flip a Modified flag on your "file" object that gets serialized to disk whenever the object is mutated.

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Another solution is something I've seen recently. If setting a modified flag on your 'file' object is difficult, you could always try saving to a memory stream and calculating a hash on it, and if the hash is different to the original version's hash, it has changed.

It's not as elegant as setting a modified flag, but is much easier to retrofit.

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Another way is if your app has an undo/redo stack. Having at least one element in your undo stack means you've modified the scene. But it does require every action in the application be undoable. –  djcouchycouch May 12 '09 at 16:09

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