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I've added C:\cygwin\bin to my windows path, yet it's still not detecting g++ or gcc when I try to compile from source.

Is there anything I'm missing here? Just installed Cygwin 1.7

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where are you trying to compile, from cygwin shell or windows cmd shell? – havexz Dec 6 '11 at 14:25
"it's still not detecting g++ or gcc". What isn't detecting g++ or gcc? What command did you issue? What was the precise response or error message? – Robᵩ Dec 6 '11 at 14:26

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Cygwin would create a shortcut in start menu called Cygwin Bash Shell. You don't have to set PATH if you use this.

Compilation tools like gcc and g++ is not installed by default, are you sure you've installed all of them?

btw: I also installed the ssh tool of Cygwin, which enables me to connect to Cygwin using other terminals like putty.

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you shouldn't need to use their shortcut as long as you have your path setup right. most likely the OP didn't install gcc. – Nerdtron Dec 6 '11 at 14:39
@Nerdtron Thank you. I never used cygwin utilities in normal cmd windows. – fefe Dec 6 '11 at 14:49

Due to the alternatives system that's used for switching between gcc versions 3 and 4, gcc and g++ are symlinks to gcc-3/g++-3 or gcc-4/g++-4. Cygwin symlinks aren't transparent to non-Cygwin programs though, hence you need to invoke the version you want directly.

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