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Are there any presentation start events for mouse mischief? The normal website doesn't help much with programming mouse mischief. I'm trying to do mouse emulation for kinect so I can allow mouse mischief to have a kinect being used.

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I could start up an add-in of my own before mischief starts but how would i force office to do this? That seems like the best method now. –  jeffery Feb 21 '12 at 19:40

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I am using the device simulation framework(dsf) and about to come out with a final product for my Kinect multipoint project. It appears that as long as a mouse device is created with dsf I do not need a presentation start event because mouse mischief recognizes the new mouse device created and allows me to include responses to mouse events. Please visit this website for updates and better details: http://kinectmultipoint.codeplex.com

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