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I'm looking for a way to filter a list in a gsp by entering a keyword in a textfield. The filtering should not need a confirm action like return or pressing a button.

For example see the preference window in Eclipse.

I first thought jquery is the solution, but this also needs a confirmation to filter.

Is this possible with Grails?

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You would need to use JavaScript to do this, so the question has little or nothing to do with Grails/GSPs.

There is no confirmation needed to perform the filtering if you listen to the onchange event of the user input field. If this input field has id textBox the code would look something like this:

$('#textBox').change(function() {
    var queryString = $(this).text();

    // Now get a reference to your list and filter out all entries that don't match
    // queryString
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+1 - Also, most filtering lists I've seen use onkeyup for updates as you type, although when the datasource is remote that may not be quite ideal. The OP might be interested, though. –  Rob Hruska Dec 7 '11 at 13:34
Thank you, now I know what I look for. –  fabschu Dec 8 '11 at 12:20

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