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I am searching for a neat wireframe/mockup tool to design iphone apps. (Right now I'm pretty fond of balsamiq)

But I'd also like to demo the mockups live - handing users a device and letting them tap certain areas within the wireframe to let them navigate and review the app.

  • Is there any wireframe/mockup tool that can do that (e.g. export as html or so)?
  • Or is there another tool that can take balsamiq deliverables for instance and build a live demo based on that?


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I've had great success demoing iOS and Android mockups using (believe it or not) Keynote and the Keynotopia templates available from http://www.keynotopia.com (no affiliation).

I've tried Prototypes, AppCooker, etc., but I keep coming back to Keynote for fast mockups that I can send as stacks or PDFs. Your mileage may vary.

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Here's a good list of applications to search through if nobody answers.

Mockingbird seems to support this (click on preview button on the right)

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