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I have write a simple RESTful web service using basic authentication.I use tips from this page secureRestWS. They have also created a video and posted on youtube with more details. It works just fine when you open it in browser. You need to write User Name and Password in authorization window.

I have also find a page with android client that call rest web service using httpclient and if the web service is without authentication it works. I am using this example androidRestWSClient. But I don`t know how to add User Name and Password in this scenario, I tried like :

client.AddParam("User Name", "myusername");
client.AddParam("Password", "mypassword");

or in header :

client.AddHeader("User Name", "myusername");
client.AddHeader("Password", "mypassword");

but nothing works. I also try to create url that tell the web service username and password like :

I really don`t have a solution for this so if somebody have an example client I would appreciate that.

In webservice I have simple GET method

public String getText() {
    return "Hello World!";

Do I need to use SecurityContext for username and password? Is it better to create authentication manualy like in this example :

Thanks for your help

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If you are using just basic http authentication, then the URL should look like this:


Well, here you go - and don't forget to Upvote and mark as answered if this works :) :

HttpGet httpget;
    httpget = new HttpGet(url); 

    String auth =new String(Base64.encode(( username + ":" + password).getBytes(),Base64.URL_SAFE|Base64.NO_WRAP));
    httpget.addHeader("Authorization", "Basic " + auth);
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For creating url this works for me, so thanks, maybe someone will answer on first question how to add username and password in client or I would just use link in client ... Thanks –  janilemy Dec 6 '11 at 16:45
This works for me just fine, i have found it on other page, but cannot answer my own question in 8 hours ... But now everything is just fine, Thanks for help Kaediil... –  janilemy Dec 6 '11 at 18:15

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